Providing audit services and financial reporting to the middle market

审计s are more than just evaluations and maintenance of financial statements. An audit represents an opportunity to learn about your business and how to conquer the challenges you face.

在RSMope体育电子竞技游戏平台, we are continually transforming our audit capabilities to deliver human insights powered by 技术.

RSM ope体育电子竞技游戏平台’s audit is a dynamic discipline based on our auditors’ deep understanding of our clients’ industries, 企业结构, 愿望和挑战. 我们不断进化的生态系统 技术 relationships and advanced digital tools enable us to tailor audit services to your circumstances, 并最终, provide you and your stakeholders—including the board, 股东, customers and bankers—with actionable insights relevant to your business.


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This innovative approach is supported by three pillars—automation and artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital audit experience—to increase efficiency, 尽量减少干扰和表面的新信息. Our technically astute and digitally savvy auditors deliver efficient audit solutions and insights that provide broader business value to our clients.

When you work with RSM ope体育电子竞技游戏平台, you receive clear benefits, including:

  • 有效的和高效的, data-driven audit reflective of your industry and unique business circumstances
  • Interactive access to our innovative 技术 ecosystem and advanced digital tools to enable 技术 solutions that drive audit effectiveness
  • 一种由数字速度授权的审计, enabling us to move collaboratively with both speed and direction
  • 清晰的, critical insights—based on our understanding of your business and industry and our ability to analyze complex data—bringing valuable insights that allow you to make informed business decisions


RSM ope体育电子竞技游戏平台’s partners and employees are committed to audit quality. 在其他组织中,RSM US LLP,美国.S. RSM国际会员公司, is a member of the Center for 审计 Quality and the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. RSM US is also registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and a board member for the Accounting Blockchain Coalition.



We approach each audit intending to deliver a high-quality, independent audit that is also focused on gleaning outputs to create more value for you, whether it is to help you identify internal control gaps or to provide vital recommendations to prepare for a potential transaction down the road. Because we value the deep relationships we have with our clients, we can also add value by keeping you informed of business and industry trends, best practices and bouncing around ideas to help you grow your business.

We want to be the first person you call when you are facing a new business challenge or opportunity.

我们专有的审计方法, RSM Orb, is designed to deliver audit services geared to the unique needs of the dynamic middle market clients we serve.

By bringing innovation and advanced digital tools to our audit methodology, 我们会尽量减少对你和你的团队的干扰, automate routine processes to increase efficiency, and analyze your complex data sets to surface new insights and information you can use to improve your business and prepare for future events, such as an initial public offering or special purpose acquisition company transaction, 全球扩张, 系统实现, process improvements or another business activity.

We find that our clients appreciate our access to proprietary industry, economic and other research that enhances our ability to analyze their data and provide insights into ways they may not be able to on their own. These additional insights are intended to inform broader operational and strategic business decisions you need to make to achieve your business goals.

This is what we mean when we say we deliver human insights powered by 技术.

除了审计服务, RSM ope体育电子竞技游戏平台 professionals use critical thinking to provide appropriate accounting services that will help your business navigate complex financial situations, such as implementing new accounting standards like 收入确认 or lease accounting, adapting financial software, improving internal controls, or managing 全球合规 needs, all tailored to your needs and aspirations.