技术, media and telecom industry trends and issues

Experienced professionals focused on the unique challenges you face

技术, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies operate in a fast-paced environment where the challenges can be as varied and complex as the products and services themselves. From startups facing growing pains to more mature firms navigating transitions and liquidity events, we provide services that help companies on the path to achieving their goals.

RSM can help business leaders make sense of the critical and emerging issues TMT companies face. Understanding such issues is crucial for companies looking to grow in a rapidly evolving digital world.


技术’s footprint and influence is growing across virtually every part of the economy. Companies in the technology industry must contend with varying levels of regulation around the world when it comes to data security, 劳动力, immigration and commerce. Competition for talent is intense, constant innovation is crucial for survival and management of capital is a top concern.

Our professionals work with a range of businesses, from early-stage startups to more established brands in software, 硬件, information technology services and more. Many of our clients—such as those in health tech, 翅片技术, education tech and other subsectors—exist at the convergence point between technology and other industries.


RSM understands the trends and issues disrupting the media and entertainment industry today. Companies in this space—including streaming services, video gaming and esports platforms, movie and television production companies, and broadcasters—must navigate shifting consumer habits, a rapidly evolving marketplace and changing advertising revenue streams. Middle market media and entertainment companies need to be nimble and adaptable in order to thrive.


Telecom businesses are investing heavily in infrastructure, supporting increased network usage and mapping sustainable paths for growth. Whether a company is adapting to the expansion of 5G coverage or navigating regulatory hurdles, our professionals can provide insights and services to help the business thrive. Our firm provides consulting, audit and tax services to companies in the telecommunications industry and RSM’s market insights position telecom business leaders for success.

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Services for TMT companies

From driving growth and managing risk to fostering innovation and meeting operational challenges, TMT companies have much to address even when resources are stretched thin. 无论你的需要, RSM professionals have the experience, insights and relevant skills to help you solve your most complex business challenges. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • 估值
  • Deal advisory and strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • IT security and privacy consulting
  • Finance and accounting outsourcing
  • 转让定价
  • 政府拨款
  • 审计
  • Capital markets readiness
  • Buy-side/sell-side due diligence
  • 技术 and digital transformation consulting
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Federal, provincial and international tax compliance and consulting 
  • Scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED)
  • Technical accounting consulting